OTTAWA -- OC Transpo says trains on the Confederation Line will be running every eight minutes this weekend and potentially through next week, as Rideau Transit Maintenance deals with wheel cracks on three train cars.

A wheel crack was discovered on one train Friday morning, which resulted in delayed service on the line. The city temporarily sent out supplemental buses, but they were later pulled, as ridership remained low.

In a memo Saturday morning, Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi said three separate vehicles were found to have wheel defects.

"Three wheels have been found to have the defect affecting 3 single vehicles (1.5 Double car train). These will be replaced by Alstom," Manconi said.

A new safety order has been issued, demanding that all trains be inspected after every use, until a root cause for the wheel issues is identified and fixed.

"Therefore this new procedure needs to be introduced into the maintenance regime and careful planning was undertaken to determine the fleet availability while ensuring this inspection and all other maintenance routines are adhered to so that there is no slippage in maintenance," Manconi said.

Seven trains will be provided each day, with an eighth spare train if needed, with no change during morning or afternoon peak periods. 

"This enables [Rideau Transit Maintenance] to comply with this new requirement and ensure maintenance continues across the fleet. With reduced ridership this can be accommodated at this time," Manconi said.

The issue comes less than a week after the Confederation Line was completely shut down for extended maintenance as the city pushes the Rideau Transit Group consortium to fix several issues that have troubled the 12.5 km line and its vehicles since shortly after its launch in September 2019.