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Big and bright: Embracing a maximalist Christmas


Have you decorated your home for Christmas yet? Many are going all-out this year, fully embracing the season, with a "maximalist Christmas."

Think of decking the halls of your childhood Christmas; big colours, nostalgia, and kitschy decorations. It's a holiday decorating movement that's displayed all over social media, a style that even has the White House joining.

Maximalist Christmas is everything big, bold, colourful, and filled with memories.

"I think Christmas has always been a maximalist look. I just feel like people are embracing it more now than ever," says Audy Czigler, at the Tinseltown Christmas Emporium. "I think it makes them feel good and reminds them of their childhood."

This year, it's a feeling and a look that many are going for.

"In today's world, where so much is going wrong and we're just seeing it, Christmas and Christmas decorations really give you that warm fuzzy feeling."

Gone are the simple, white small LEDs. Those older style, colourful and large bulbs are in. Plain tree ornaments are out, replaced by fancy and shiny.

Czigler pointed out many of the decorations in his store include colourful tree toppers and tinsel icicles.

Kim Wood is a customer who was excited about the tinsel and the first item she reached for while shopping on Wednesday.

"Well, because my mother used to do it, and for many years it wasn't a thing anymore. A couple of years ago, I just decided I got nostalgic and thought I'm going to do it again," she said.

Other customers are excited about the movement too.

"When I was a kid, I really wanted like sparkly, and lots of stuff on the tree," said Anisa.

CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Minto Dream Home designer Tanya Collins says it's part of an overall movement.

"I feel like there's definitely a movement towards moodier, richer, deeper colour-tones in the home and lots of layers," she says.

"I think people are enjoying home more than ever before, especially post-pandemic. We really care about our interior environments and when we're entertaining friends and family, we want it to feel cozy and rich, especially at this time of the year." Top Stories

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