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Japan to allow limited travel tours as experiment

Japan’s government announced Tuesday it will begin allowing small package tours from four countries later this month before gradually opening up to foreign tourism for the first time since it imposed tight border restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Your Finances During the Crisis

Average price of gas in Canada tops $2 a litre for first time

Gasoline prices are showing no signs of letting up as the average price in Canada tops $2 a litre for the first time. Natural Resources Canada says the average price across the country for regular gasoline hit $2.06 per litre on Monday for an all-time high.

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Where to watch today's Ontario election announcements

All four leaders of Ontario’s major political parties squared off in the first and only televised debate Monday night. Now, they're back on the campaign trail, making stops across the province to secure votes ahead of the June 2 election.

The leaders of the Progressive Conservatives, Ontario NDP, Ontario Liberals and Ontario Green Party are pictured here in a composite image. (The Canadian Press) Top Stories

Mariupol fighters in Russian hands; both sides claim wins

Hundreds of Ukrainian fighters, including wounded men carried out on stretchers, left the vast steel plant in Mariupol where they mounted a dogged last stand and turned themselves over to Russian hands, signalling the beginning of the end of a siege that became a symbol of Ukraine's resistance to Moscow's invasion.