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Text messages asking to pay speeding tickets scam, City of Ottawa warns

A cellphone is shown in this file photo. (Porapak Apichodilok / A cellphone is shown in this file photo. (Porapak Apichodilok /

The City of Ottawa is warning people of a new scam asking residents to make payments by text messages.

Residents have reached out to the city asking about text messages asking them to make payments for speeding violations, the City of Ottawa said in a post on X Saturday evening.

“We’ve heard reports of suspicious text messages seeking payment to the City of Ottawa for speeding infractions,” reads the post.

The city adds that it will never contact residents via text messages to ask for payments.

It says "under the legitimate Speed Enforcement Program, tickets are mailed to the registered plate owner of the vehicle."

Residents who have recieved this scam text are asked to call the Ottawa Police Service immidiately at 613-236-1222. Top Stories

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