OTTAWA -- Ottawa Police and NCC conservation officers are at the temporary tent city west of downtown Ottawa and cleaning up the area located around Bayview Yards and the LRT station. They are tearing down tents and hauling away propane tanks.

Ottawa Police say they are there to keep the peace.

In a statement, the NCC says the residents have accepted temporary accommodations.

"The National Capital Commission (NCC) was advised late on Monday December 9th, that the individuals at the encampment near Bayview Yards have accepted the temporary accommodations that were offered to them by the City of Ottawa," the statement reads. "On Tuesday, December 10th, the NCC began cleaning up the site. Belongings that were left behind at the encampment are being stored by the NCC and arrangements will be made to give the individuals the opportunity to collect them."

The NCC had issued a written notice Sunday saying the residents living in the tents had to clear out by Monday. The NCC cited health and safety concerns, including the cold weather, as its reasons for demanding residents leave the area.

"We want to thank the City and its partners for assisting these individuals during a difficult situation and hope for a successful transition to the provided housing," the NCC says.