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Ottawa to host Ironman Triathlon in 2025


The city of Ottawa will be hosting the Ironman Canada Triathlon in 2025.

It will be the first full-distance Ironman event to be held in Ottawa. The event is scheduled to take place Aug. 3, 2025.

"We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Ottawa and bring Ironman Canada-Ottawa, one of our most historic race franchises, to the Canadian capital," said Ironman VP of North American operations Keats McGonigal in a news release. "Ottawa offers the quintessential Canadian race environment with a plethora of outdoor activities, great weather and a mosaic of culture all nestled at the very seat of government. Ironman Canada has played a prominent role in the history of Ironman and will continue with the expansion to Ottawa. We are enthusiastic and excited to see what futures hold here in Ottawa, Ontario."

The triathlon will begin at Britannia Beach, with a 3.8-kilometre two-loop swim in the Ottawa River.

Ironman Ottawa Swim Course (Ironman Canada/supplied)

From there, the 180-km bike portion will run along NCC and city roads, including the Kichi Zibi Mikan, the Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Laurier Avenue, Nicholas Street, Sussex Drive, and the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway. Roads will be closed to traffic for the event.

"One of the really unique selling points for this race in particular is it's highly urban," said Ironman regional director Dave Christen. "To be able to race in front of Parliament like we are, to be able to finish eventually in front of Parliament as well, to pass through the city streets of this great capital city."

Finally, the marathon run will begin at Parliament Hill, run along Wellington Street before looping to head south on Colonel By Drive alongside the Rideau Canal to Hog's Back and then back up the Queen Elizabeth Driveway to Parliament Hill.

"I am thrilled to welcome the Ironman Canada competition to Ottawa," said Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe. "I love this city and so will you. There are so many triathletes in Ottawa. And it's an absolutely stunning and beautiful place to swim, bike and run. It's also the perfect location for outdoor adventures and world class events, especially an event as prestigious as Ironman Canada. Ottawa is a great place for this amazing competition. Everyone from athletes to families, friends and fans will have an amazing race experience here. I look forward to seeing everyone here in August 2025."

Sutcliffe told CTV News he does not intend to compete in the Ottawa Ironman. While he's an avid marathon runner, who will be running the London Marathon during a trade mission abroad, he said his mayoral responsibilities prevent him from training for this triathlon.

"I would love to, if I could, but training for an Ironman is a completely different level of training than training for a marathon and I don't have that kind of time unfortunately, so I'll be there cheering people on," he said.

General registration opens April 22 on the Ironman website. The Ironman Canada-Ottawa triathlon, part of the VinFast Ironman North America Series, will offer qualifying slots to the 2026 VinFast Ironman World Championship.

Rick Hellard, who has competed in Ironman events, says it takes a lot of effort to prepare.

"The actual race day isn't that bad," Hellard said. "It's the getting ready for it, all the preparation, because it takes years to get there and it's being consistent with the training."

The event is also expected to provide a major tourism boost for the city, bringing top athletes and their families to the capital. 

"This event showcases the resilience and determination of athletes from far and wide, leaving a legacy of excellence in our city," said Ottawa Tourism president and CEO Michael Crockatt. "We're confident about this partnership and believe this will significantly contribute to our local economy, grow our sports tourism market, inspire our community, and further showcase our ability to host world-class events. Ottawa's scenic landscapes and vibrant communities are ready to welcome participants and spectators alike for an unforgettable experience."

Turn by turn directions

Bike course

  • Head southeast on Greenview Ave
  • Turn left onto Carling Ave
  • Take the ramp onto Kichi Zibi Mikan East
  • Stay on parkway until it turns into Wellington St
  • Turn Right onto Lyon St
  • Turn Left onto Laurier Ave W
  • Take Ramp onto Queen Elizabeth Driveway and head south
  • Turn Right onto Queen Elizabeth Pl towards Wilton Crescent and Bank St
  • Turn Right onto Wilton Crescent
  • Turn Right onto Bank St
  • Turn Right onto Echo Dr
  • Turn Right onto Colonel By Dr and head north
  • Colonel By Dr ends and becomes Sussex Dr – Continue North on Sussex Dr
  • Sussex Dr continues along the Ottawa River and turns into Princess Ave
  • Princess Ave becomes Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier Pkwy
  • Stay on Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier Pkwy until it ends at Regional Rd 48/St Joseph Blvd where you will U-Turn prior to the intersection.
  • Stay on Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier Pkwy west until its Princess Ave, and then Sussex Dr again into Ottawa
  • Right onto Wellington St
  • Continue on Wellington St until it turns back into Kichi Zibi Mikan West
  • Stay on Kichi Zibi Mikan until the yet to be determined exact turn around point approx. near Deschênes Rapids Lookout and begin your second or final loop.
  • Repeat these steps above until you return to our transition area for the final time and dismount.

Exact transition area is still being determined and right now it shows on Wellington St. This remains to be determined but it will be in and around this general area within 800 meters.

Ironman Ottawa bike course (Ironman Canada/supplied)

Run course

  • Head west on Wellington St
  • Use the Wellington St Underpass to access Commissioner St
  • Turn left onto Commissioner St
  • Right onto Wellington St
  • Right on Colonel By Dr- Stay on Colonel By Dr all the way down to Hogs Back Rd
  • Turn around just before Hogs Back Rd and head North
  • Turn Right onto the ramp up to Bronson Ave
  • Turn Left onto Bronson Ave
  • Turn Left onto Lakeview Terrace
  • Turn Right onto Queen Elizabeth Driveway
  • Queen Elizabeth Driveway turns into Prince of Wales Dr
  • Turn around at Prince of Wales Dr and NCC Scenic Driveway (exact turn around will be adjusted here to make the exact distance and may be before or after the roundabout)
  • Head North on Prince of Wales Dr
  • Prince of Wales Dr turns into Queen Elizabeth Driveway
  • Stay on Queen Elizabeth Driveway until Hawthorne Ave
  • Turn right onto Hawthorne Ave
  • Turn left onto Colonel By Dr
  • Turn left onto Wellington St
  • Continue on Wellington until turn around to start second loop
  • Follow steps above to complete second loop
  • Finish line is currently planned on the beautiful and historic Wellington St.

Athletes will notice the bike, run and finish are all planned for Wellington St. Ironman has different versions of the plan still being vetted out and will have updates as it completes those discussions.

Ironman Ottawa Run Course (Ironman Canada/supplied)

--With files from CTV News Ottawa's Tyler Fleming. Top Stories

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