Light rail was the focus of a new plan for Ottawa's transit future, released by two Ottawa councillors Monday.

Councillors Clive Doucet and Christine Leadman put forward their own vision for transit in the capital, which calls for building light rail transit first rather than focusing on more bus infrastructure.

Their plan includes running light rail down Carling Avenue to the city's west end, with service going to Kanata, Barrhaven, Ottawa South and Orleans.

"What we wanted to bring forward was a plan that was respectful of all the elements of our city that brings all of our communities together and we can do that with the money that we have, or that's being projected," said Coun. Leadman.

Under their plan, the councillors say more Ottawa residents will have access to light rail within a decade. They say it will also save the city millions.

The city's transit and transportation committee will vote on a staff recommendation for public transit in the capital on Wednesday.

Under that plan, the first phase of the project would see light rail transit built from Blair Road to Tunney's Pasture, with a downtown tunnel.