City planners are pitching heavy rail as an alternative to light rail in Ottawa's multi-billion dollar transit plan.

The heavy rail option is expected to address the National Capital Commission's concerns about putting commuter trains on the Western Parkway.

The O-Train, which currently runs from Bayview to South Keys, is an example of heavy rail.

However, at least one councillor said he doesn't think the revisions will pass.

"Obviously, when we (did) the analysis we looked at heavy rail, but heavy rail is not a viable option for us," Coun. Rainer Bloess told CTV Ottawa on Monday.

Bloess said the possibility of using heavy rail came up at a recent technology forum and was quickly shot down by other cities that use both forms of transportation.

Although the heavy rail option is expected to be presented to council in November, Bloess said he thinks the proposal will be dismissed.

"It's been very clear to us all along that heavy rail, while it is an option, it's not the viable option or the most viable option for us. And I think that will be shoved off the table almost immediately," he said.

Heavy rail uses high-speed passenger rail cars that can operate individually or with other cars; they can also carry more passengers.

A report detailing the routes, technology, and cost of Ottawa's new transit system is also expected to be released next month.