Donations are pouring in for the 527 dogs seized from a West Quebec breeding facility last weekend.

"People are really caring about those dogs," said France Dubois, executive director at the SPCA de l'Outaouais. "It's beautiful to see."

The seizure of these dogs—many of whom now require around-the-clock care—has many in Ottawa calling for a bylaw to prevent pet stores from selling dogs and cats that don't come from shelters.

Humane Society Executive Director Bruce Roney says a bylaw is needed to prevent pets raised in puppy mills from being put up for sale.

"It's bad because they could be sold to an Ottawa pet store."

Toronto's city council recently voted unanimously to ban the selling of pets that don't come from shelters.

Currently four pet stores in Ottawa sell privately-raised pets.

Dog rights activist Sharon McKeil, founder and director of BARK, is warning consumers to stay away from online pet shopping.

"When I see multiple dogs being sold, I see a red flag."

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefanie Masotti