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Here's how much it costs to eat healthy in the Kingston area

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The cost to eat healthy for a family of four -- two adults and two children -- in the Kingston region was approximately $1,207 per month in 2023, according to a report by KFL&A Public Health.

"Our findings consistently highlight the challenges faced by low-income households, to balance the costs of rent, healthy food and managing other essential living expenses," said Rachael Mather, public health dietitian at KFL&A Public Health. "Being unable to afford healthy food can have serious negative impacts on physical and mental health for adults, children and youth."

The report notes that around 16 per cent of households in the KFL&A region cannot afford to buy the food they want and need for good health, given the rising cost of groceries.

Meanwhile, the public health agency says there should be income-based strategies in place to address the issue, noting that "everyone deserves the right to adequate, healthy, safe, affordable and culturally appropriate food."

The report was based on a study by the health agency. It examined the costs of groceries in-store and online of 61 foods from the National Nutritious Food Basket, which reflects a healthy eating pattern from Canada’s Food Guide.

In 2022, the cost to eat healthy for a family of four was approximately $1,099 per month, according to the KFL&A Public Health.

The full report is available online. Top Stories

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