Don’t forget to turn the clock back one hour when daylight saving time ends Sunday, November 3rd.

In Ontario, daylight saving officially ends at 2a.m. Eastern Time.

Daylight saving time is in effect from March to November. Clocks are moved forward an hour in the spring, then set back in the fall.

The change Sunday means an hour extra of sleep but in the long run it also means one hour less of evening light.

In British Columbia, legislation has been introduced that would eliminate the need to change the clocks twice a year with the creation of Pacific Time.

Attorney General David Eby says the Interpretation Amendment Act, if passed, would make daylight saving time permanent.

He says the impetus for the change comes from a recent provincial government survey where more than 93 per cent of respondents, or almost 225,000 people, indicated their support for a permanent move to daylight time.

But Eby says more consulting about the change is needed with its U.S. trading partners in the Pacific states of Washington, Oregon and California.

With some files from the Canadian Press