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Big tippers! Ottawa residents are some of the most generous tippers on Uber Eats

The Uber Eats app is seen in an undated image from the company. The Uber Eats app is seen in an undated image from the company.

Ottawa residents are generous tippers and health eaters when it comes to ordering on Uber Eats.

The fifth annual Cravings Report by Uber Eats shows Ottawans rank as the second most generous tippers on the app, and second on the list for cities that order the most healthy food in Canada.

The Uber Eats survey looks at the most popular, most unique and most unusual delivery requests received over the past year, as well as ranks the cities in several categories.

Ottawa ranks as the second-best tippers on the Uber Eats app in Canada, with Prince George ranking first. Halifax, Hamilton and Toronto round out the top five best tipping cities in Canada.

Montreal is the city with the most healthy food orders on Uber Eats, based on restaurants labelled "healthy" on the app. Ottawa ranks second, followed by Kingston and Toronto.

Ottawa and Kingston rank in the top 10 for cities with the most cannabis edible orders. Toronto ranks first, followed by Vancouver and Victoria, while Kingston ranks fifth and Ottawa is sixth.

According to Uber Eats, the most popular cuisines in Canada for orders on the app this year are American, followed by Japanese, Indian and Chinese.

The top requested side dishes on Uber Eats this year are French fries, followed by garlic naan, poutine and miso soup.

The most popular alcoholic beverage orders on Uber Eats this year are Vodka, Beer and Whisky.

Uber Eats says the most expensive order on the app this year was by a Toronto resident, who ordered $1,729 from Gusto 101. The order included 20 pizzas, 30 pastas and 71 appetizers. Top Stories

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