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Watch: Skiers record run-in with moose on Wakefield, Que. trail


A group of skiers near Ottawa were in for a surprise during their trip after a moose came dashing through the snow next to them.

Joan Post, who sent the video to CTV News, was skiing along a National Capital Commission ski trail in the village of Wakefield, Que. when she spotted the moose running next to her.

"Wow you don’t see that at P16 very often," Post is heard saying in the video as the animal passes her.

The moose is seen running away shortly after.

Wakefield is located about 40 kilometres north of Ottawa.

Parks Canada says that while moose may look tame, they have been known to charge people and vehicles. They can also attack with their hooves.

"Stay at least three bus lengths away (30 m / 100 ft), whether driving or on foot. On the trail, wait for the moose to leave, take a wider detour if necessary and always keep a tree or other large obstacle between you and the moose," Parks Canada recommends on its website.

Signs of an aggressive moose include, ears pinned back, hair on neck raised, mouth smacking, foot stomping, swaying head and short charges.

If a moose charges, Parks Canada says:

• Find protection and get behind it

• Trees or large rocks can serve as a barrier

• If you get knocked down by a moose, curl up into a ball and protect your head and neck

• Report encounters with agitated or aggressive moose immediately to Parks Canada staff or call 1-877-852-3100

Cow moose are most dangerous during calving season (mid-May to the end of June) and bull moose can be more aggressive during mating season (mid-September to the end of December).

"In late winter, moose may be reluctant to leave the road or trail and may defend their space aggressively," Parks Canada says.

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