The Société de transport de l’Outaouais says there is no change at this time to their policies regarding the admission of riders, following the passage of Quebec's religious neutrality law.

Bill 62 passed in the National Assembly Wednesday, and would require people to uncover their faces when accessing public services, including transit.

In an email, STO spokesperson Céline Gauthier says there is no change to their policies until they learn more about how the law will be applied.

“Consequently, there is no new directive to drivers, it’s the status quo,” Gauthier says.

She adds there will need to be discussions between Quebec’s urban transit association (ATUQ), the Union of Quebec Municipalities, and the provincial government.

“The particular situation of the STO being a cross-provincial bus service that serves Ottawa is something to be considered in those discussions to come,” Gauthier says.

On the Ontario side, City of Ottawa solicitor Rick O'Connor says in a statement, “Based on our preliminary analysis, it is our opinion that this Act does not apply to OC Transpo, or other City employees who may work or travel in Quebec.”