Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has identified 22-year-old Evan Freeman as the man who died following an interaction with Kingston Police Thursday.

The SIU are continuing to investigate the incident.


Ontario’s police watchdog has been called in after a reported stabbing and police-involved shooting in downtown Kingston Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses say a man stabbed at least two people and was then shot by police in the area of Bagot and Queen streets just before 2 p.m.

"I just froze," said Johnadeen Albertini.

"The whole scene was similar to a nightmare."

Albertini was walking along Bagot Street when he witnessed the suspect allegedly stabbing a man.

"He looked at me and I can't remember what our exchange was, but I remember there was another bystander that came close, and he grabbed him," said Albertini.

"I said, 'please stop, please, you don't have to do this'."

The Special Investigations Unit confirms to CTV News, Kingston Police arrived on scene to find a 22-year-old man assaulting an individual. There was then an interaction with police, which resulted with one officer shooting the suspect. The suspect then began harming himself with a knife. A second officer tasered him.

"He then proceeded to stab his jugular a bunch of times, I think it was four or five times," said Albertini.

"I felt completely powerless."

The suspect was pronounced dead on scene. The SIU also confirms the first victim involved in the altercation, a 40-year-old man died from his injuries.

Marco Smits, a spokesperson from the city of Kingston, says Frontenac Paramedics sent four crews and multiple superintendents to the scene where they treated and transported 3 patients to Kingston General Hospital.

The hospital says “it entered stage 1 of its external disaster plan, known as Code Orange. This is a preliminary stage that is called in order to assess KHSC’s potential involvement in a disastrous situation. Upon assessing the situation, no further stages of Code Orange needed to be activated.”

The Special Investigations Unit is called in whenever there is an injury, death or allegations of sexual assault involving police.