Residents in Pembroke are anxiously watching the Indian River water levels.

Some homes near the intersection of D'Arcy Street and Doran Street are completely surrounded by water.

Dayna Trebinskie says she is seeing water in her basement apartment as is worried they won’t be able to sleep there Sunday night.

“If it stays this way then we will probably end up coming back but if it comes to (the height of the sandbags), I already said I am leaving right away.”

Many residents are spending the Easter weekend putting sandbags around their homes.

Sonya Savard’s house on Doran Street is very close to the water’s edge. “We are supposed to see the sun but I don't like those clouds,” Savard says.

Savard says this brings back memories of the major flooding two years ago. “Water, water, more water sand bags, aching, no sleep. We are trying to help everybody. We are all helping everybody,” says Savard.

At the Children's Garden Nursery School, owner Benita Richardson says they hope water pumps will keep the water away from the building. She says, “So many mixed emotions we have been her for three days trying to manage the water the river has overflown.”

First responders were visiting residents who may have trouble leaving their homes, including seniors. “Our big thing is access... we want to make sure we can get our vehicles in. We also noticed we have some flooded out hydrants, some you can't even find because they are under water.”  

Renfrew Country is under a flood warning. Provincial Police have closed off many roads due to localized flooding.