The big melt is hitting Ottawa as temperatures climb above zero for the next few days.

City of Ottawa road crews are busy clearing the snow banks that have piled up in recent weeks, but worry with the thaw they might not get to all of it in time.

“We do expect that warmer weather, of course with that will bring some pooling, some ponding, will have to get those catch basins opened, and make sure we get all our drainage completed before it freezes up again,” says Kevin Wylie, Ottawa road operations manager.

The city is also marking sewer drains and is encouraging residents to clear them to help reduce potential flooding.

Milder temperatures could also delay the opening of the Rideau Canal skateway. The National Capital Commission was hoping to have the world’s largest skating rink opened by the end of this week.

The Canal needs 10 to 14 nights of freezing temperatures to be opened.

More to come…