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Rideau Canal Skateway reopens on Sunday as cold weather returns to Ottawa

Rideau Canal Skateway: Best opening ever?

The Rideau Canal Skateway is open, thanks to Mother Nature.

The National Capital Commission has announced the full 7.8 kilometres of the Rideau Canal Skateway opened at 12 p.m. Sunday from the National Arts Centre to Hartswells Locks, including Dow's Lake.

The full length of the canal closed last Wednesday due to the "adverse weather conditions" in the capital.

However, after extreme cold temperatures overnight, the NCC says the canal is ready for skating.

The NCC recommends people wear a mask or face covering while on the skateway, while masks will be mandatory in washrooms and in lines at concession stands.

Due to public health measures, changing facilities and fire pits along the Rideau Canal Skateway will remain closed this winter. Top Stories

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