OTTAWA -- Lacing up the skates and heading to the outdoor rink for a game of pick-up hockey is a winter tradition for many in Canada.

But in Gatineau, it's game over for pick-up hockey on rinks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The City of Gatineau has announced when outdoor rinks open for the winter, pick-up hockey games are banned this year.

"The city of Gatineau is looking to install one net so that players will be able to go on solo or duo shooting pucks on field," said Martin Lajeunesse, city councillor and chair of the recreation, sport and community development committee.

Outdoor rinks will be limited to 25 people at a time, signs will be posted with the rules, and city officials will be monitoring all 80-plus rinks in the city.

Gatineau remains in the red zone under Quebec’s colour coded system.

"We have to apply the code, and the code tells us that for outside sports they’re not tolerated team wise," said Lajeunesse.

While pick-up hockey will not be happening across the Gatineau, in Ottawa it’s a different story, pick-up games are allowed at city rinks this winter.