An Ottawa woman who was arrested at gunpoint by the Taliban in Afghanistan nearly a month ago is free.

The family of Nadima Noor confirmed to CTV News Ottawa on Wednesday that she had been released.

Noor, 38, is a well-known voice in Afghanistan. She co-founded a non-governmental organization (NGO) and chose to remain in the country and work even after the Taliban's takeover.

"She said, 'I'm going to stay here and continue my activism,'" her brother Dastaan Noor told CTV News Ottawa, "'speak for the people that are here and I would not take any sides.'"

Her family say members of the Taliban forced her out of her office at gunpoint on Feb. 13, with no explanation.

Her brother told CTV News on Tuesday it was difficult to get a straight answer as to why his sister was detained or when she would be let go.

But then welcome news came just a day later.

Dastaan Noor told CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes on Wednesday that his sister was free.

Speaking on Newstalk 580 CFRA's Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron, Dastaan said Nadima reached out to him via WhatsApp Wednesday morning.

"There was a rollercoaster of emotion the family was going through, as we were never getting any straight answers," he said. "Nadima reached out to me directly this morning and she said, 'I'm actually released!' and my whole mood just changed."

Dastaan said he was told after his sister's arrest that she would be promptly released, but it never happened.

"Three days went by. I followed up with the Ministry of the Interior and I said she hadn't been released yet, and they said they would look into the case again, even though they were well aware of Nadima," he said. "Nadima is high-profile in Afghanistan; they know of her, they know of her work, so I was quite surprised they were not straightforward with me."

He credits media coverage of Nadima's story for her release.

"I thank all the Canadian outlets that got on it and released the news that a Canadian was held in Afghanistan without charges for 24 days," he said.

Dastaan says he still doesn't know why she was arrested.

"They just said the investigation is done and we are releasing you now."

He says his sister plans to continue her work in Afghanistan, but there are concerns.

"At the moment, she says she wants to stay and continue her work, that she won't be bullied into leaving the country," he says.

"There are some complications from the government side, since they've announced every female needs a male companion to travel, and that rule came into play while she was incarcerated, so I'm not sure of her plans," he added. "What has happened to her the past 24 days, without any reason… it worries me that it could get worse. There is a worry there." 

--With files from CTV News Ottawa's Stefan Keyes.