There is a new commuter option for people traveling from southern Ontario to Montreal, including a stop right here in the capital.

Nextjet took to the skies this morning. The airline flies from Kitchener to Peterborough and ends in Montreal with a stop at the Gatineau airport. It's being marketed at as a more convenient way to fly.

Gaston Cloutier, the general manager of the Gatineau Airport, states that "in Gatineau there is free parking, and passengers only have to arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to the flight, it's a VIP treatment.”

The route is targeting business travelers and politicians as it is only a 9-seater plane. The lack of security check has become a big selling point for the airline.  

"These are the key things we were looking for, the convenience at the end. If you look at Ottawa, you have the traffic and it's a bigger airport” said Tan Ahmed, president Nextjet Canada in a recent interview.

Right now Nextjet only has one return flight daily from Gatineau to Montreal, Kitchener or Peterborough, but more flights will be added if there is demand.