The Canadian War Museum has just added two famous pieces of Canadian war art to its collection.

The museum now owns "The Foot Path of Peace," a painting by famed Group of Seven artist Tom Thomson. The work was painted during the First World War and features a pacifist poem.

The second piece acquired is Louis-Philippe H�bert's sculpture "Mademoiselle de Verch�res." It honors a French-Canadian heroine who helped defend her community from an Iroquois attack in 1692.

The Canadian War Museum owns over 13,000 pieces of war art. The collection chronicles Canada's military history.

In 2006, the Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of Civilization launched a communal fund to add to their collections.

These two pieces of art were bought at auction in Toronto in November. The Thomson painting sold for $48,875, while H�bert's sculpture was purchased by the museum for $8,050.