Businesses along William Street in the ByWard Market were unable to reopen Saturday after a massive fire at Vittoria Trattoria.

Jing Jiang owns Le Mien Craft Noodle. She was on scene Saturday hoping to get inside her restaurant. Jiang says, “I just want to ask if I can go inside, and take a look, I want to see the damage,” she says, “I can’t go inside because it’s so dangerous, the roof went down. Only the firemen can go inside.”

Jiang says she is “so sad for her employees.” Many of whom left keys, wallets, and jackets inside the restaurant. “Because they left in such a hurry,” she says.   

Many businesses suffered massive damage to their roofs as well as water damage and flooding in their basements.

André Joyal, supervisor at The Fish Market Restaurant, says they were hoping they would be open Saturday, but they have to do an intensive clean-up.

He says the restaurant suffered smoke damage as well as water damage in addition to power being turned off forcing much of their inventory to be thrown out.

Joyal says the cleanup is a lot of work. “From the roll-ups that have to be unrolled, paper napkins tossed, kitchenware rewashed, cutlery rewashed, the kitchen sanitized.”

Joyal hopes to be open Sunday.

The councilor for the area Mathieu Fleury calls it “an emotional day.” He says seven store fronts are affected. “Two of whom are looking to open any hour, any day now,” He says it still is not clear when the other five might reopen.  He says, “Fire services are on scene conducting their investigation.”

Fleury says once the investigation is complete, “Ottawa Fire will release the site and all the businesses and building owners’ insurance would begin remediation.”

At the ByWard Market Square building, only some stores with street access were able to open. Public Health officials were inside inspecting food stores making sure that food preparation was not compromised and food that was on display Friday was thrown away due to safety.