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Here's what 'the hinge' move is, how to do it correctly


When you're picking something up from the floor or bending over to tie your shoe laces, you're performing "the hinge move," according to movement trainers.

Positive Movement Fitness head trainer Dustin Beach told CTV Morning Live's Stefan Keyes that not doing the hinge movement correctly can cause you some pain.

The incorrect movement happens when lifting things with the lower back, driving all the weight into the knees to pick things up, Beach explained.

"So, what we're looking to do is actually stick your hips back, find those hamstrings and lift those things up, like this with a nice straight back," he said while demonstrating the correct movement.

But first, Beach wants you to "brace the belly" by doing the following:

"Number one thing is actually bracing the belly. In a sense, it's more filling with air. So, take a big gulp. And then hold your abs over that. Then pick things up," he explained.

He recommends following those instructions not only while exercising at the gym, but also when you're gardening and doing your everyday tasks.

What are the most common injuries associated with doing the hinge movement incorrectly?

Injuries to the lower back are the most common, says Beach.

"Oftentimes, when people do the hinge poorly, they think that this lower back here is completely flush, but it's not," he said.

To avoid injuries, Beach illustrates a useful movement using a broomstick.

"So, you're going to throw a broomstick on your back, right to your tail, and then you want to be able to come down and maintain the broomstick flush to your back. And then come back," he added.

His advice to people at the gym who struggle to hinge properly is to practice bending over using the broomstick before starting to lift weights. He says this helps people build a connection to the brain to make sure the back stays straight when bending over. Top Stories

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