GATINEAU -- The proof of vaccination grace period is over in Quebec. 

Starting Wednesday, anyone looking to visit a restaurant, gym or movie theatre, just to name a few, must show proof that they are fully vaccinated or they can be denied access. 

If anyone is caught inside without proof, the establishment and customer could face a fine of up to $6,000. 

Director of the Chelsea Pub, Isaac Lauzon, says patrons have more or less gotten used to the passports over the past two weeks. But still urges people to keep a copy of it on them at all times.

"We don’t want to turn around anybody," says Lauzon. "We want everybody to come in and enjoy our place. Good beer. Good food. So we don’t want it to happen. So just make sure you bring your proof so we can let you in."

Quebec's vaccine passport was introduced on Sept. 1, but the government granted a two-week grace period before fines could be imposed.

Fully vaccinated Ontarian’s are welcome to visit any establishment in Quebec as long as they have their proof of vaccine, along with photo identification to match.