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Councillor calls for safety review of Mooney's Bay sledding hill after girl dies in accident


At Queenswood Heights Centennial Park in Orléans, Veronique Gervais and her family are enjoying a few runs on their sleds.

"For the most part I think we feel safe," Gervais said. "Like anything else you have to be careful and look around and make sure there’s no danger."

However, at Mooney’s Bay, barriers continue blocking vehicle access to the popular park.  Signs at the entrance remind people sledding is not allowed.

This comes just days after a 10-year-old girl died sledding at the park’s hill.

"I don’t think it’s feasible to have bylaw or security guarding hills across the city every winter's day going forward," said River Ward coun. Riley Brockington.

The city of Ottawa said this week that the hill is not an approved hill for sledding. Brockington is calling on the city to conduct a review of the unsanctioned hill to keep people safe in the future.

"We know that people will come here, we know there are risks," he said. "Tobogganing is likely going to happen and continue to happen here. What does the city need to do to have it professionally assessed and make it safe for users."

In a statement, the city of Ottawa says a longer-term assessment will be conducted at Mooney’s Bay to determine what can be done to further discourage people from using the hill as a sledding hill.  At this time, there are no further details on what that assessment will look like.

"It’s such a well-placed hill,” said Suzanne Chartrand, out hiking at Mooney’s Bay with her sister. "Many children around here. It would be a good idea to safety proof it more and let people enjoy it."

The week, the city installed protective barriers near the hill, with hay bales covering lamp posts and trees at the bottom of the hill.

The Mooney's Bay parking lot is expected to remain closed until Jan. 7. Top Stories

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