TORONTO - The Ontario government says it will begin placing survivors of sexual abuse in Cornwall in alternate support programs over the next six months when funding for counselling services runs out Friday.

The Ministry of the Attorney General says the transition will take place while the government examines all the recommendations made in a $53-million report released last month and works on a fuller response.

Attorney General Chris Bentley had promised more money to help victims when the report was released, but has yet to specify the amount.

It's not yet clear what the long-term support will look like, but ministry officials say the Family Counselling Unit of Cornwall will be working to assess individual needs.

They add that much of the commission-related counselling was set up to get people through the inquiry, and the government will now explore all programs and options available to help the victims on an ongoing basis.

Victims' rights groups say they are worried survivors will be left without the services they need to recover once the funding dries up, and worry there may not be enough services available for those who are no longer able to afford counselling.