The clean-up continues after last week’s massive snowstorm.

Crews were out in full forced this weekend. The city says when the major snow storm hit all resources were put towards plowing and clearing streets.

This weekend, the focused shifted towards snow removal. Chad Findlay with the City of Ottawa says, “We have had to redeploy crews from removal to plowing back to removal.”

The city’s website says crews are scheduled to remove 127 kilometres of snow from approximately 90 streets on Sunday.

Findlay says close to 50% of arterial roads have been cleared since the storm. However, the city’s challenge remains the intensity of the snowfall and keeping up on residential streets. Findlay says it is challenging for crews in high density areas such as suburban neighborhoods.  

 “We are moving through residential areas which are quite tight and banks quick large. That will continue for next couple of weeks,” says Chad Findlay.

Work continues on city sidewalks, snow blowing as well as salting. Findlay says close to 50% of sidewalks are considered “passable.”