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Celebrating Valentine's Day with roses, chocolates… and IKEA?


On Valentine's Day, people are embracing various expressions of love, from classic gestures like red roses, to indulgent treats like chocolate and innovative dining experiences.

At W Flowers in Nepean, staff are hustling to meet the soaring demand for roses. Despite the cost of a dozen roses increasing from last year, it’s not stopping people from opening their wallet.

"This year, it went up $20, so it's $140," said the store's owner, "Michael the Designer."

"The guys are still going 'oh $140?' But they say, 'I really love her' and 'she's worth it.' It outweighs what's in the wallet," he said.

Customers like Nadia Lovechanko is surprising her boyfriend this year with flowers

"He deserves a princess treatment, too. So I want to be able to spoil him," said Lovechanko.

At Stubbe Chocolates on Wellington Street, owner Heinrich Stubbe says this has been the busiest Valentine’s Day he has seen in his 35 years of owning the chocolate shop.

"Very busy the whole week," said Stubbe.

He says Feb. 13 set a record number for one day sales. "So far, 250 Visa transactions was the biggest in my memory," said Stubbe.

One Stubbe customer added: "I think everybody likes a little surprise on Valentine's Day."

For those seeking a unique dining experience, IKEA might be an unexpected but popular choice. Troy Page, the IKEA's food manager, says the appeal is in the price, just $35 for a three course meal for two.

"IKEA is very affordable. This is a great, affordable way to have a Valentine's Day dinner. I think it's the novelty of it, too," Troy explains.

The IKEA Valentine’s Day dinner sells out in just days, making it one of the more popular options in Ottawa, where it started in 2015.

Back at W Flowers, many of the stock will be gone by the end of the day.

"Tomorrow we're closed because there will be nothing left in the cooler," said Michael.

In the end, amidst the flurry of roses, chocolates, and a Swedish dinner, people are finding different ways to express their love and appreciation on the most romantic day of the year. Top Stories

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