For the last four years, Gordon Perrault and his team have unpacked, assembled, and moved more than 85,000 artifacts from the Canada Science and Technology Museum’s storage facility.

“We’ll be out of this building soon. It’s bittersweet for most people,” he said. “Part of this move was to consolidate objects and assemble them to reduce our storage footprint.”

Each item has been transported into the Ingenium Centre, a state-of-the-art facility built to house Canada’s national science and technology collection.

The museum can only display about 12 per cent of its collection at any given time. The rest remains in storage, but thousands of rarely seen artifacts are now proudly displayed moving shelves, easily accessible for researchers and curators.

With the old warehouse nearly empty, the team is already looking forward to next year, with plans to welcome the public.

“We plan on resurrecting our collection tours so they can see inside a purpose facility and have more access to objects,” said Perrault.