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All Saints High School track relay team shatter decades-old record


Four Grade 10 boys from All Saints High School in Kanata have a bond that can’t be broken.

Recently, they not only placed first at their track meet, but broke a record that stood for just over two decades, solidifying their place in Ottawa track and field history.

The boys shattered the NCSSAA West Conference Championship record for the 4 x 100 metre relay on May 15.

"The original record was 46.20 and they ran 45.83," said All Saints teacher and track coach Ann Marie Vanneste, .

"The fact that we broke a 21-year record, that's pretty exciting," said Quinn Vanneste, the relay team’s anchor leg

Sprinting comes naturally to these athletes, who train daily.

"During my first race, the adrenaline that I felt, it felt like I was flying almost. That in itself just makes you want to keep doing it more, makes you want to get better," said Nathaniel Alagakone, the team’s second leg.

"It was amazing, like to know that it was there for 21-years without even being challenged. It's just amazing to me," added EJ Manyeza, the team’s third leg.

As best friends, breaking the record feels even more special.

“We’re all friends outside of school and in school. We have a really good bond when we're passing the baton around. Overall, we're just a great team,” said Dexter Dunlop, the team’s first leg.

They say their work on the track is not done. They plan on continuing to train and excel in their sport.

"Obviously there's always room for improvement," said Manyeza.

"We always want to get faster than we were the last time."

On Wednesday, the boys got another first place finish and a personal best with a time of 45.06 at the National Capital City Championships. Top Stories

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