The "Freedom Convoy" protesters may have left downtown Ottawa, but a symbol of their occupation arrived at a city councillor's office on Friday.

Former chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board, Coun. Diane Deans, says she received a "gift" from the occupiers, sharing a picture of a yellow jerrycan.

"This symbol is still very raw. I take comfort in knowing we have our city back & that hopefully this weekend will be quiet," Deans said. "We need to heal & support our downtown community."

The jerrycan will be one of the lasting symptoms of the four weekend protest in downtown Ottawa, as demonstrators used them to transport fuel to vehicles in the downtown core.

When police threatened to stop and arrest anyone carrying a jerrycan into the protest zone, people began carrying empty jerrycans and cardboard cut outs.

Deans was removed as chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board during a special council meeting on Feb. 16, one day after Peter Sloly resigned as police chief.

Deans is now taking suggestions from residents on what to do with the jerrycan.