Two Ottawa residents are biking from Vancouver back to the capital to raise awareness of OxyContin's impact on their northern community.

Ida Fiddler and her niece Meagan Anishinabe are from Sandy Lake, Ont., where they said prescription drug abuse is so rampant that kindling is stolen to sell for drug money.

"It's really hard to talk about my people like that, to actually tell people and let people know what's happening," said Ida Fiddler.

"Our people are struggling with it, it's destroying a lot of lives," said Anishinabe.

Fiddler's 35-year-old sister recently finished a five-week treatment program in the northwestern Ontario community.

"I really want to help our people to help them come off the prescription drugs that are highly affecting a lot of our people," Fiddler said.

Money from their ride, which has no sponsors and very little funding, is going to fund aftercare programs in Sandy Lake.

Fiddler took four months off work for the ride, and the pair plan on camping out along the route as well as staying with generous Canadians.

Theland Kicknosway, 8, is donating $50 from every hoop dance he performs to help them on their long journey.

"I was like ‘Holy moly, wow that's far,'" he said.

The ride begins May 23, with the goal to finish by mid-August as Anishinabe starts at Royal Miliatry College in the fall.

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With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman