The city of Ottawa was out in full force to fight today's winter storm. The capital expected to be hit with up to 15 centimetres of snow.

Still, Ottawa police received calls for 81 collisions between midnight and 4 p.m.

As a result, a mountain of busted bumpers continues to grow at Bemac Collision Group.

“We're having everything between 20 and 30 estimates that are coming in plus tows and so on,” says owner Danny Frangione.

The bad road conditions forced school bus cancellations across Ottawa.

Despite the weather being perfect for winter sports, a ski trip at Turnbull school had to be cancelled.

“With school buses being cancelled throughout the city it made sense for us to unfortunately cancel our ski day at Mont Cascade, today, but we will reschedule,” says Gareth Reid, Turnbull School director.

“It was going to be really good because there's a lot of powdered snow. I wish we could be outside with my friends,” says student Devanand Buettner.

The National Capital Commission also fought to keep the full length of the Rideau Canal open.

Scott Emery and his family came from Havelock, Ontario, and wasn’t about to let the snow ruin their day.

“Well, it's sort of tricky because of all the snow and plows going by,” says 10-year-old Emery.

The weather has made his father think twice about driving back home, tonight.

“We were just going to go home after this, this afternoon, but not now. We'll stay another night and take off tomorrow,” says Blair Emery.

With a report from CTV’s John Hua