A surcharge will be added to all tickets sold to events at Lansdowne Park once it is redeveloped in order to help fund shuttle services and bicycle racks at the park.

A transportation report recommending the surcharge was approved by the transportation committee Wednesday at Ottawa City Hall.

The fee is part of a larger plan to ease the traffic congestion expected in the area around Lansdowne Park when large-scale events are held there.

"It's really intended to encourage the use of public transit to the site because basically you're going to pay for public transit whether you use it or not," said Coun. Diane Deans.

The surcharge will range from less than a dollar for events with an attendance under 25, 000 to almost five dollars for events of more than 40, 000 people.

Deans admits there are huge traffic challenges surrounding a redeveloped Lansdowne Park. The new stadium and retail shops are expected to add thousands of more vehicles to the area everyday.

While the city makes plans to handle the traffic congestion that the Lansdowne redevelopment project will bring, there is an ongoing legal challenge to the plans before the courts. The Friends of Lansdowne appeal decision could be handed down at any time.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Karen Soloman