OTTAWA -- Quebec provincial police say a vehicle stopped for speeding 50 kilometres an hour over the speed limit in Chelsea had two men riding as passengers in the trunk of the vehicle.

Three Ottawa men are facing fines after the vehicle was stopped on Highway 5 on June 27.

The Sûreté du Québec says police received information that a vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed with a person possibly in the rear trunk.  The vehicle was stopped on Highway 5 near Saint-Joseph.

Police say the vehicle was clocked travelling 150 kilometres an hour in a 100 kilometre an hour zone. There were six passengers in the vehicle, along with two people riding in the trunk. 

The driver of the vehicle, an Ottawa man, was fined a total of $1,543 for speeding, driving with people in the trunk of his vehicle and having more occupants inside the vehicle than available seatbelts.

Police say the two men sitting in the back of the vehicle were fined $958.

The driver told police he had gone to look for his friends in the Chelsea area.