GATINEAU -- The owner of a Gatineau pizzeria says he’s surprised his restaurant was broken into because it sits on a busy street.

Charbel Karakouzian is the owner of Naples Pizza, which was broken into late Sunday.

Surveillance footage given to CTV Ottawa by Karakouzian shows two hooded people using a crowbar to smash the restaurant's glass door. The two then walk straight to the register, grab what’s inside, and then take off.

The pizzeria sits on rue Montcalm, near boulevard Alexandre-Taché. Karakouzian says a break-in on such a busy road has taken him by surprise. 

“It’s annoying and it’s troublesome because now I have to wait four weeks for a new window,” Karakouzian said. “I can’t believe this is still happening at ten o’clock at night.”

Karakouzian says he thinks around $200 was taken.

While no damage was done to the inside of the restaurant, he says it’s really not about the money.

“It’s already hard to be in the restaurant business, so when something like that happens it adds weight on the shoulders of what we already have to do,” he says.

CTV Ottawa has reached out to Gatineau Police for comment.