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Residents take to Ottawa streets for 'community safety walk'

After a week of near-constant truck horns, harassment and late-night fireworks, residents in Ottawa's Centretown neighbourhood say they've had enough and dozens took to the streets Friday for a community safety walk.

"I'm just so tired of the noise and the disruption," said resident Jordan Leichnitz. "I feel like a prisoner in my own house. We should be able to walk in our neighbourhood. It doesn't feel safe."

Councillors say the informal walking route includes Bank, Nepean, Kent, O'Connor and Gilmour streets, adding those taking part should do so in groups.

"We're not looking to confront, we're not looking to change any minds, we just want to ensure that neighbours are looking after neighbours," said Coun. Jeff Leiper.

Walks around Centretown are expected to continue throughout the weekend.

"We're walking to make sure people feel safe coming out of their homes and that they know they have a safe spot with people that are going to be on the street in Centretown and we're hoping this happens in Lowertown and along Rideau as well," Coun. Shawn Menard said.

Coun. Catherine McKenney said this is not a counter-protest.

"This is really only about coming together because we care," they said.

"I want to be free to walk our city streets, to park, to see things and to have our children walk the city streets without being hassled by people," Valerie Burton said.

"I came out today to support the people that are having to put up with these things when there are many more important things that we need to be worrying about and they should get out of here," Ottawa resident Patrice Leclerc said. Top Stories

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