OTTAWA -- Drivers in Ottawa should brace themselves for another jump in prices at the pumps.

Some stations in Ottawa were selling gas for $1.40 a litre Wednesday morning, and according to gas experts, another spike could come this week.

Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, says prices could spike again Thursday and set an all-time high record in the capital.

"Ottawa is going to see prices at $143.9, it is 141.9, I would gas up today, or wait until Friday," said McTeague.

McTeague says, "We are going to have one day, Thursday, in which we are going to see prices peak in places like Toronto at 144.9 (per litre). We are seeing it in several provinces across western Canada, notably Manitoba, and Newfoundland and New Brunswick where we will hit all-time prices at the pumps."

Courier driver Malick Mbya in Ottawa says high gas prices put pressure on his job that depends on driving.

"I am surprised with the prices.It has been fluctuating past couple of days… and current prices are a $1.40," he says.

The rise in prices is due to oil prices reaching a seven-year high. Analysts also say the economy is recovering, more people are traveling, and consumer confidence is up.

The high gas prices is also thanks to increased demand and undersupply of oil globally.

Kevin Clark got sticker shock when he arrived at an Ottawa gas station on Merivale Road.

"I just realized how much gas prices were! It is a little high! Considering about year ago it was 99 cents and less, now it is $1.36 today? That’s a pretty drastic jump," says Clark.

McTeague says, "It is very much a shot across the bow we are starting to see prices move up and it is a reflection on global demand outstripping supply."

"It is now about to bit hard and this could be the beginning a winter of discontent, with prices reaching an all-time record when many of us are not back to the things we were doing pre-pandemic."