Whether you use it or not, changes are coming to your green bin.

Starting July 2, you’ll be able to put plastic bags and dog feces in the bins meant for organic waste.

City staff believe allowing plastic bags in the green bin will help to increase its use among residents. It’s based on research done by Hill & Knowlton Strategies, which conducted a poll about the green bin on behalf of the City.

It found 60 per cent of people who say they don’t use the bin would change their minds if they could line it with a plastic bag.

The change comes shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a pledge to ban single-use plastics in Canada by 2021. The list of banned items has not yet been determined--it’s subject to study and consultation--so it’s unclear if plastic bags will be on it.

When asked whether allowing plastic bags in the green bin would lead to an increase in plastic use, in the face of a possible ban in just two years’ time, Environment Committee chair Coun. Scott Moffatt said he wasn’t concerned.

“The plastic bags exist; they’re there,” Moffatt said. “Whether people reuse them or buy new bags, I don’t believe we’re creating a new incentive to go buy bags.”