A dozen people face more than 100 charges after a drug bust in Ottawa's east end and downtown core.

Police say the year-long investigation involved officers from all levels. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police and Ottawa Police announced the conclusion of "Project Finale" Thursday morning.

"By joining forces for Project Finale, police have successfully dismantled the operations of a known criminal organization threatening the safety of our communities through illicit drug trading," said OPP Inspector Jeroen Meinen.

Police say the investigation started in September 2010 into the activities of Michael Clairoux, a member of the Hell's Angels biker gang.

Clairoux, 37, was arrested with several others between the ages of 21 and 26.

Police say violent acts led them to investigate this group. The suspects are accused of using violence to take over certain areas of the city.

Police say the group was involved in trafficking and dealing cocaine and marijuana.

More than a quarter million dollars worth of drugs and assets were seized.

Arrested persons:

  • Michael Clairoux,37 years old of Ottawa
  • Marcus Doige, 21 years old of Ottawa
  • Corey Gingras, 25 years old of Ottawa
  • Navdeep Khaira, 24 years old of Ottawa
  • Colin Meilleur, 25 years old of Ottawa
  • Alexander Scantlebury, 24 years old of Ottawa
  • Ryan Cornel, 24 years old of Ottawa
  • Benjamin Frith, 24 years old of Ottawa
  • Christopher Glover, 24 years old of Ottawa
  • Daniel Levesque, 25 years old of Ottawa
  • Alain Parisien, 26 years old of Ottawa

All suspects appeared in court Thursday.