The Outaouais animal protection agency, SPCA, is on the hunt today for someone who abused a cat in Gatineau last week.

Shelter workers say it is one of the worst cases of violence against an animal that it has ever seen. The animal had to be euthanized.

Diane Plouffe and Daniel Rheault cling today to a scrapbook page of their beloved cat named, Mignonne, the French word for “cute”.

“This person is sick,” says Rheault, “You need help. If you do this to an animal you might do this to a person too.”

The 6 year old feline was found beaten in the head July 17, 2015. A landscaper discovered the cat hidden under some brush a few streets from home. Mignonne had been completely disfigured.

SPCA workers advised Rheault not to see his cat in her severe condition, but he insisted.

“I pet her, and talked to her, and they put her away,” says Rheault.

The SPCA says the cat's injuries appear to have been caused by an act of violence, not an accident.

Anyone with information about who may have injured the animal is asked to contact the Outaouais SPCA.