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Ottawa students make snow angels for a good cause


Dozens of children in Kanata took part in the Snow Angel Challenge on Friday, a fundraiser aimed at raising money and awareness for the Snowsuit Fund.

The challenge, organized by the students at Kanata Montessori School, encourages participants to make a snow angel and share a picture on social media, with a link to donate to the Snowsuit Fund.

Isabella Garcia-West, a Grade 8 student at Kanata Montessori, said, "We're making snow angels to raise awareness and money for the Snowsuit Fund. As a Montessori school, we are big believers of service learning, so things like this. We support the food bank. Every year we do adopt a family for our younger kids around Christmas time. So just things like that."

Grade 9 student Khai Morgante added, "It's not every day you get to get out of school and do snow angels. Snowsuits are very important. And especially for people less lucky and less fortunate than us. I think they really need it. Especially in harsh winters like this."

The Snow Angel Challenge is just the beginning of the fundraising efforts for the Snowsuit Fund.

The official kickoff for the challenge will be held on Feb. 1, with 400 students participating. Throughout the entire month of February, people are encouraged to make a snow angel and share their creations online.

Carolyn Grainger, a Kanata Montessori Educator, said, "Our hope is to challenge more schools to get outside and make some snow angels. Tag your friends, tag the Snowsuit Fund."

Trish Ferguson, acting Deputy Chief of the Ottawa Police Service and co-chair of the Snow Angel initiative, said, "Not everybody gets the opportunity to do a snow angel if they don't have the proper clothing for it. And the snowsuit fund has been there for 41 years in this community to provide families who are in need with that opportunity and allow kids to really enjoy what winter has to offer."

Students are looking forward to the Feb. 1 event.

"We're having the whole school come from K to 12,” said Garcia-West. “So that's really exciting. Big community event."

The Snowsuit Fund provides more than 16,000 snowsuits to Ottawa children in need every year. The Snow Angel Challenge is a fun and creative way for the community to come together and make a difference for those who need it most during the winter months. Top Stories

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