Ottawa mayor Jim Watson is backing a casino for the capital.

Watson is asking city council to signal interest in a new casino for the city. He is proposing any new revenue generated from a new gaming facility could be split between infrastructure renewal, job creation and economic development.

“Every Ottawa dollar spent at the Gatineau casino is a dollar lost for Ottawa taxpayers – it is time that we repatriate that money and use it to create jobs here in Ottawa,” Watson said in a news release.

“With infrastructure challenges and federal job cuts in Ottawa, we cannot miss out on a tremendous opportunity like this,” he added.

The mayor announced his support for a new casino Monday afternoon on Twitter.

A staff report with be discussed at a Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting on Oct. 2. The meeting will be open to residents who want to share feedback.

If City Council approves the report, Watson will tell the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission the City is interested in a gaming facility.

This would allow the OLG to seek proposals from private companies to run a casino.

There has been no mention yet of where a new casino might go.

"We know that a gaming facility can be a popular tourism attraction and demand generator," said Noel Buckley, President and CEO of Ottawa Tourism. "A gaming facility has the potential to allow the City and residents the opportunity to realize additional economic benefits while also providing new entertainment options for both leisure and convention visitors."