OTTAWA -- A driver is facing their second stunt driving charge in eight months after being stopped speeding on Bronson Avenue.

The Ottawa Police traffic unit said an officer spotted the motorist travelling 129 kilometres an hour on Bronson Avenue Thursday morning.

The speed limit on that section of Bronson Avenue is 70 km/h.

The charge of stunt driving includes a seven-day licence suspension and the vehicle impounded for a week.

Police say the same driver was charged with stunt driving by the same officer in September on Hawthorne Avenue.

"Lesson not learned!" said police.

It's the second time this week that police charged a repeat speeding offender.

On Saturday, an officer observed a driver going 117 km/h on Bronson Avenue.

"Same driver was stopped two days in a row last month, in May, at the same spot for speeding both times," said Ottawa police.

"This time licence and car gone for seven days."