OTTAWA -- The Ontario government is pumping $38.5 million in gas tax revenue into Ottawa’s coffers.

Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney delivered the cheque to Ottawa on Friday to support the expansion and improvement of transit and transportation infrastructure.

“This funding is a reliable source of long-term transit funding municipalities can count on to help operate and expand existing public transit services, ensuring people have access to safe and reliable transportation when they need it most,” said Mulroney.

The Ontario government is providing $375 million in Gas Tax program funding to 109 municipalities. Funding is determined by the number of litres of gasoline sold in Ontario during the previous year.

Ottawa has received roughly $34 million to $38 million per year through the Gas Tax funding program. The Ontario government says Ottawa used most of its funding last year on operating expenditures to support service change and growth, along with maintenance and improvements to Transitway and O-Train stations.

“Stable and reliable investments in public transportation play a critical role in supporting transit in the nation’s capital,” said Mayor Jim Watson.