The NHL lockout deadline is coming close. NHL owners and players seem to be as far apart as ever. Some fans say having no NHL season will be hard to take and hard to fill.

“The only way I'm going to get my hockey fix is with NHL 13. It's as realistic as it gets without the real thing,” said hockey fan Chris Roy. “It's extremely disappointing that it's like billionaires fighting millionaires for money and just forgetting about the fans who love hockey.”

A lockout is set at the stroke of midnight Saturday.

“We're not prepared to open another season without a collective bargaining agreement,” said Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner.

Ottawa Defenseman, Chris Phillips, plans on spending as much time with his family as possible, if no deal is set.

“You make the most of it… we'll see what happens,” said Phillips.

With no Senators games to put on the air, Team 1200 will no doubt feel a slow down.

“The people who are hurt are the people who work the game nights. The people that do play-by-play and colour. The people that work at the building, the people who work around the arena. That's the people who really end up getting hurt by this,” said Shawn Simpson, Team 1200.

“I'm thinking around American thanksgiving we'll get something done,” said Dave Gross, Team 1200.

If hockey fans don’t know where to get their hockey fix, they can always throw their support behind the Ottawa 67s, who will have their first home game at Scotiabank Place next week.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s John Hua.