The National Capital Commission is looking to develop up to four parcels of land within the "Flats District" of LeBreton Flats, billed as "an important gateway" for the land west of downtown Ottawa.

One week after announcing the Ottawa Senators were the preferred proponent to build a new arena on six acres of land, the NCC launched another development process for the land nearby.

"The NCC is seeking proposals for a vibrant, livable mixed-use community that will include a diverse mix of housing and serve as a showcase for design excellence and sustainability, with a low-carbon footprint and a focus on active mobility," the NCC said in a statement.

The subject lands are suitable for the construction of approximately 844,000 square feet of residential and commercial space, and is located near the Bayview and Pimisi O-Train stations.

"The site is development-ready, with contaminated soils having been remediated," the NCC said.

The Flats District is one of four districts planned for development at LeBreton Flats. The Flats District is billed as, "a predominantly residential community defined by intimate, pedestrian-oriented streets and a variety of housing types."

The NCC's Master Concept Plan for LeBreton Flats was approved by the NCC's Board of Directors in April 2021, which is billed as a "multi-decade vision" to transform the 29-hectre site into a "complete urban community and Capital destination."

LeBreton Flats


The other districts are the Aqueduct District, the Albert District – which includes the Ottawa Public Library-Library and Archives Canada joint facility, and the Parks District.

The deadline for the request for offers to lease the land in the Flats District is Oct. 5, 2022.