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How to get a 'no-makeup' makeup look?


The "no-makeup" makeup look is all the rage right now, with that healthy glow on your face.

Amanda Wanamaker, owner of Wanamaker Cosmetic Beauty Spa told CTV Morning Live effortless beauty is what's in trend right now, noting that it's the go-to look most celebrities are choosing when walking on the red carpet.

“You look so well, put together, it doesn't look like you’re wearing foundation, it doesn't look like you're wearing mascara … but you are,” Wanamaker explained.

It starts with a good skincare routine, such as monthly facials. She warns that too much makeup clogs pores, making the skin look dull and not natural.

To achieve that natural look, she recommends to start with an eyelash lift.

The eyelash lift can be done in a salon and can last for up to six to eight weeks, she says, allowing you to leave the house looking like you have mascara on.

She suggests to get the brows micro-bladed and to use a brow gel to lift them up.

"So, brow gels are great on your no-makeup makeup look, because you can just get that lamination," she said.

While you can use a tinted sunscreen to keep the skin protected and shiny, she suggests the use of a BB cream.

"A BB cream is really good when you’re doing a no-makeup makeup look, because it gives hydration, it has SPF in there, it acts as a primer," she said.

And when it comes to that blush on your face, she recommends using a sanitized beauty blender to add color to the cheeks. 

"Take the back of your beauty blender and you’re literally just going to dab it on to the cheek bone," she explained.

If you do not have a beauty blender, you can use either a brush or your fingers, she adds.

"And you can use a little bit of the color on your lips as well," she added.

Wanamaker says you can add a highlighter with a small brush to the cheek bones and to the tip of your nose for extra glow.

You could finish the look with a lip gloss, she says. Top Stories

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