The show went on for an Ottawa band Friday night even though a few key pieces of equipment were missing.

Shane McEwan, the drummer of Silver Creek, had his gear stolen right from the trunk of his car in Ottawa’s west end sometime between 12 and 4 p.m. on January 9th.

"My whole hardware bag, everything that holds up my cymbals, my snare drum, basically what you require to hold an entire drum set up, gone, which is mind blowing to me because my bag must've been 250 pounds,” McEwan said.

His Silver Creek band mates say it didn't take long for the community to step in.

“The reaction that we got from the city at large is overwhelming,” said Shawn Tavenier. “It's so touching to go on and read all these messages and like Shane mentioned people offering to lend us stuff, offering to help him out and help us out anyway possible.”

McEwan said while the equipment has a monetary value of more than $7,000, he’s been adding to his collection for the past several years and some of the items cannot be replaced.

The band reached out on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to appeal for

"I don't think they know what they stole. It's not a dollar amount. Please, please, please, please bring it back,” McEwan said.

Silver Creek is asking anyone who may know something to contact the band directly or call police.

“You're not just taking away stuff. You’re taking away their ability to do the thing they're best at and a lot of people appreciate what Shane does," said Tavenier.

The band takes to the stage at The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill in Kemptville Saturday night.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Katie Griffin